Why findtechdoc?

findtechdoc is a technical document repository storing thousands of files concentrating on both educational and technical disciplines only. findtechdoc is designed for educators, researchers, engineers, students (both college and k-12) and anyone else interested in quickly finding technically-related information to facilitate their knowledge capture.

What is findtechdoc?

Have you ever tried searching for a document online and discovered that the link is broken; or, the site is no longer available. Or, you find the document you once possessed no longer exists because you accidentally deleted it...or, even worse, your computer crashed. Well, findtechdoc spares you with the aforementioned worries by storing and cataloging those documents in a web-centric repository. findtechdoc facilitates user searches by providing descript titles, making searching for and downloading technical documents quick and easy.

...moreover, findtechdoc is a living repository; meaning, documents are continuously added to the repository...so visit often!

Is findtechdoc a torrent site?

No. All files located on this website were obtained by searching the web for specific documents; renaming those documents and then cataloging them into their appropriate categories. Nothing illegal here and if t heir is a document on this site that is considered to have violated any and all copyright protections, simple email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have it removed immediately. 

Is findtechdoc free?

Yes. However, there is a ten document download limit per day per user along with a simple and quick user registration.

About Owner?

Hello, my name is Norm and I am the sole proprietor of this website. The website hosting and administration of this website is located in the United States. Donations are welcome to help offset the costs associated with the hosting support and other website related costs. If interested in donating to a worthy cause (the free and global exchange of technical information), please contact me via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you. 

Page updated on: 2017-09-23

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